Zuzana is a fashion designer. Born in the Czech Republic, ever since she was a child she has demonstrated a particular aptitude in design and in creative and artistic activities.

This enthusiasm was encouraged by her mother, who had a real passion for creating original garments for herself and her friends, and who made it possible for Zuzana to move closer and closer to the world of fashion and art.

She was selected from many students in Prostejov ( Czech Republic ) to attend one of the most renowned National Fashion Institutes, from which she graduated with the highest grades.

She moved to Italy and had the opportunity to begin specializing immediately in an important Atelier, and for several years also worked for a Vicentine company that realizes clothing for exclusive national and international Brands.

Having a passion for Figure Skating, she decided to found Thuono with her husband Michele. Thuono a young company with a simple and clear goal,

to become a reference point for everyone who practices artistic sports and who are looking for style and creativity in a garment, coupled with excellent materials and finishings.

Upon request, Zuzana also realizes exclusive garments for the theatre, for photographic features and Fashion Books.