Vision Thuono 

Passion for fashion and for sport, Heart Passion Sport THUONO.

To design extraordinary clothes for all those who love skating and wish to play sports feeling unique, strong, safe and trendy. For sportsmen determined to reach their own targets and for those loving high quality of comfort. 

Mission Thuono 

We love sport, we love fashion.

To achieve our vision, we select the best Italian fabrics, we combine our creative passion for fashion and for the figure skating on ice and we design workout clothes for young athletes, teenagers and adults. Clothes unique for their design and quality.

The clothes are designed and handcrafted in each single detail. We manufacture them in the family run workshops having a high history and experience, paying the utmost attention to the quality and to each single detail.

We cooperate with many coaches of figure skating on ice and with the distributors in several countries around the world, in order to understand all the needs both of the athletes and of the amateur skaters. To design top grade, exclusive technical clothes and to offer an excellent customer care service, by paying the utmost attention to the needs of each athlete and customer. 

The quality and authenticity of the Made in Italy, the uniqueness and the excellence of each single detail of Thuono product, together with the utmost care also for each single customer and the customer care, are and will always be our target. 

Thuono, Made in Italy, with heart & passion. 

My history, the history of Thuono

My name is Zuzana, I am 44 years old, and my motto has always been: “life belongs to those believing in the beauty of their dreams”, as Eleanor Roosevelt said.
It is the dream of that small child who wanted to become a fashion designer, I made the dream come true with so much work, passion and sacrifices.

Behind each dream, there is a long and windy path.
My path began since I was little, when I used to design clothes for my Barbies and then manufacture them in secret using my mom’s sewing machine who was a seamstress.
I liked to design the models, I loved to caress the fabrics and I used to watch the fashion shows on TV until I fell asleep and I used to dream, to dream every day.

After middle school, I enrolled at the renowned Fashion school in Prostejov in the Czeck Republic, where I was born in August of 1979.
They kept telling me: “you will never succeed, fashion is not for everyone, the selections are too strict!”

But I was accepted in that school and I graduated with the highest grades and much creativity.

In 1999 life brought me to Italy, in the country of fashion where all fashion designers love to create!

But my path was still very long. I began working at an artisanal shirt shop in the town of Vicenza, I attended the evening school of accounting to learn well the Italian language.

Soon I began working in a company manufacturing clothing for great brands of Italian fashion. My job ranged from the product office to the accounting department, I learnt a lot and my wealth of experience grew day after day.

In the meanwhile, I got passionate about figure ice skating. I was 25 years old when I began skating and training for many hours a week and taking part to several domestic and international stages.

It was then that my passion for figure ice skating and for fashion combined!

I began sewing the first workout clothes for myself, at home, in my living room, and soon I received a lot of requests.

I decided:

I was 29 years old, a life ahead of me, and a dream that was coming true.  Since I did not have many economic resources, I used the severance pay I received from the company where I worked as employee, and I opened the first store in Vicenza: ‘’Thuono Store’’

In less than a year, Thuono store became the meeting place of all those loving this fantastic sport. I sold skates, accessories, blades and I created the first line of clothing with my own brand: Thuono.

Behind each article there were long working days, it was necessary to literally create each single detail, but with perseverance the vision became reality.

After 3 years of intense work, being at the store at 8.00 a.m. and leaving at 2.00-3.00 a.m. of the following morning, without breaks, weekends included, always without vacations and without stopping, supported by my commitment, by the passion for my job, THUONO has become a brand worldwide known.
Nowadays, with more than 35 partners reselling my creations, from Europe to America, from Australia up to Asia, my brand is constantly growing.

The dream has become true!

I would like to thank my ex-husband, Michele, to have contributed with his own passion to the creation of this wonderful brand, Thuono.
Thuono is loved by many skaters, and I thank you with all my heart, since I am very proud of it.
I saw you grow up, I saw you skate. I saw you become coaches. I saw you become mothers of young skaters … 

Today, in 2024, Thuono is about to open a new Show Room at Colli Berici, where I live, in a beautiful place to design, among hills and woods.
Here I will be happy to welcome the partners and distributors from all over the world, but also the skaters so that they may be able to ‘’ see first-hand ‘’ a really unique and technical product manufactured with the best Italian fabrics, a fashionable product showing a great passion for sport.

Thanks to all of you who have always loved and worn my creations, who have always believed in me and in Thuono for all these years.
I will see you soon in the store of Thuono that will be called ‘’ The home of THUONO ‘’ the home of passion for sport and fashion! Your home!!

See you soon!

Zuzana, fashion designer & Thuono Owner