Sales Conditions

Please pay close attention to the present sales conditions in that making the purchase order the client agrees to and accepts all conditions without reservations.


The purchase order must be made on-line using the on-site form or sent via email to, and must contain, besides the client’s personal details and address, the tax payer number or the VAT number necessary for the invoice or the relative official receipt. In processing your order, you will also receive communication regarding estimated shipping times,

for each single shipment a regular invoice of purchase/official receipt will be issued for the specific amount of the merchandise purchased.


The prices indicated all include Iva (vat ); shipping costs are excluded.

Acceptable payment methods (to be indicated on the purchase order) are:

1) Cash-on-delivery only for Italy

It is possible to pay the courier directly for the merchandise ordered, using “cash-on-delivery”. This method involves an increase of €7.20 (€6 + IVA/sales tax)

Attention: the couriers only accept cash for the invoiced merchandise and do not carry change, so it is advisable to have the exact change ready.

2) Bank Transfer only for Italy and E.E.C. Countries in favour of:


Thuono di Prochazkova Zuzana ( company )


Via Battaglione Framarin 20 Vicenza 36100 ( Bank Address )

IBAN: IT31Q0306911890100000001486 ( international bank account number =



4) PAYPAL : with this typology of payment selected, we will process your order request, and we will send you a mail with the total costs and the exact time that we need for the delivery, after your confirmation by mail, by paypal you will receive a link in your mail, to complete in total safe your payment with your paypal account )important: for extra E.E.C. the payment covers goods and shipment but not the custom fee that your country could apply for goods imported from italy / europe.



For countries outside the E.E.C.:  ( Switzerland, Norway, Usa, Canada, etc... )

When an order request is made, you will receive an email listing prices, exempt from VAT , and shipping costs, once your order is confirmed, and the Bank Transfer is made, the merchandise will be shipped according to the chosen modality,

your customs office will calculate the sales tax ( national VAT ) and eventual customs duties on the total indicated on the accompanying invoice. Payment for these expenses will be requested from you directly by the courier at the time of delivery.

The sales tax ( VAT ) and eventual customs duties are variable from country to country and are established by the customs office and by the International agreements established by your Country.

Shipment will be made as soon as payment is verified. Shipment of the merchandise will take place only after the Bank Transfer is confirmed and therefore, to accelerate shipping it is possible to send us as an email attachment, at, a copy of the receipt and transfer form issued by your Bank.

We remind you to write as the reason for the transfer the order number that was issued to your order when you received confirmation of the same.


The packaging and transportation charges for each single shipment are divided as follows:


from 0 to 10 Kg €10.00

from 10 to 20 Kg €15.00

from 20 to 30 Kg €18.00

for heavier shipments contact us for an individualized proposal


Couriers apply very different rates, even within the European Union, aside from those for non-EEC countries; in order to reduce shipping costs as much as possible, you can contact our customer care at:, and we will furnish you with the most convenient shipping costs for your country directly via email.


The merchandise ordered is intended for home delivery up to 30Kg. Shipping times given for the merchandise ordered are average times and purely indicative and are communicated by Thuono along with the order confirmation. Said times can suffer variations due to acts of God or for reasons not ascribable to Thuono, such as delays due to the late delivery of products, materials, components, or raw materials on the part of suppliers interested in the total or partial construction of goods or services offered by Thuono, strikes, atmospheric conditions, labour disputes, etc..

The standard delivery, barring a different written agreement between the parties, will have the following timetable: from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm; from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, everyday (except holidays), from Monday through Friday.

The client is required to communicate an address where it is possible to effect the delivery during the hours and days described, the Courier will make the first delivery without advance notice. If the Client is absent, the courier will leave a notice and attempt delivery during the following 24 hours; if the Client is still unavailable, the courier will contact our customer care office and the merchandise will remain in deposit in the courier’s offices for a brief period before being returned to the sender; the eventual costs of said deposit and/or the sum due for the merchandise not picked-up will be the responsibility of the client. Thuono assumes no responsibility for late preparation of orders or late delivery of merchandise ordered. – At the time the courier delivers the merchandise, the client must carefully inspect the merchandise before accepting the shipment and in signing the delivery documents check that the number of items delivered corresponds to the number indicated on the invoice, that the packaging is intact, neither damaged nor wet, nor, in way altered;

in the opposite case, the shipment must be refused, the reason declared to the courier and said information furnished in a timely manner to Thuono who will furnish assistance to resolve the problem. All communication must be made in written form by email sent to the following address:

Every product offered by Thuono respects the norms in force and are subject to legal guarantees.

For any needs or for assistance, contact us in a timely manner by sending an email to our customer care office at


According to Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree of 30 June, 2003, number 196, personal data furnished by clients will be used by Thuono, through the agency of electronic and/or automated means, exclusively for commercial ends ascribable to the activity of the company. The interested parties have the right to modify their own data, requesting corrections, integrations and, in extreme cases, the cancellation or the ban according to the terms in the Privacy Policy section of our website

RIGHT OF RETURN ( Italy and C.E.E. Reg. )

The right of return, in accordance with the Italian norms in force, is conceded to the Client/consumer for purchases made without a VAT identification number. The Client can take advantage of this right of return within 14 days of receipt of the merchandise, by sending such communication by registered letter with return receipt to:

Thuono di Prochazkova Zuzana, Via Dietro Chiesa 1, 36021 Barbarano Vicentino (VI) - Italia

and at the same time indicating data relative to the Client’s bank account (name of credit institution, corresponding agency/branch, account number with CAB, ABI, and IBAN codes).

Upon receipt of said communication, the customer care office will open a file for the return, assign a render number for the return and communicate said number to the client.

To exercise a return and obtain a reimbursement, the client must return the goods to Thuono (at their own expense) within and not after 14 days of receipt of the communication acknowledgement and the assigned render number;

the complete integrity of the merchandise and its relative packaging is required in order to exercise the right of return.

The right of return cannot be exercised on customized products and/or those expressly realized and personalized upon the client’s request, as that would involve a proven impossibility of resale of the product;

for obvious hygienic reasons, the right of return cannot be exercised on intimate garments if they have been removed from the original packaging.

The reimbursement will be made by means of a bank transfer within thirty (30) days after returning the product referred to as a return. The reimbursement refers exclusively to the price of the product; the costs for shipping and delivery of the product to the client’s home remain the client’s responsibility,

Thuono is not responsible for the shipping of the object of the return request, or damage or loss during the shipping process effected by the client to the company; responsibility for shipping and its integrity towards Thuono is entirely the responsibility of the client.

Whenever, in checking the merchandise to be accepted, it is found not to be completely whole or its original packing is not complete or is not in an acceptable or decent enough state to effect a decent repackaging, the company will furnish proof of said situation to the client and the merchandise will be reshipped to the client at his expense, and the return will be considered not accepted.


Any legal disputes will be disciplined and interpreted in accordance with Italian laws and will be subject to the exclusive competence of the Court of Vicenza for the resolution of eventual disputes connected to the interpretation of the aforementioned terms and conditions derived from them.