POLARTEC Linx trousers Black & hearts

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Manufacturer: Thuono


POLARTEC Thuono Linx trousers col. Black Polartec & Heart prints 

This New collection THUONO figure skating POLARTEC trousers are designed for small and young figure skaters that need to keep warm & confort during Figure Skating ! 

POLARTEC fabric we use in our Collection,  is ORIGINAL from POLARTEC USA company , and produced by POLARTEC here in Italy . 

POLARTEC fabric is very confort to wear and to move, and very stretch.

POLARTEC fabric will keep you warm and confort during Figure Skating in very cold stadiums and in the winter season. 

POLARTEC has an excellent breathability and an additional anti-bacteria treatment boost the natural evaporation of moisture, preventing the spreading of bacteria which may cause bad smell.

On picture : POLARTEC Linx trousers Black & hearts print with small T crystal logo , heel cover with plastic closing under boots 

You can match it with : POLARTEC Jacket, Long sleeve shirts , T-shirts , skirts , dress 

You can also customise it with : Thuono Luxury big T crystal logo ,  Thuono crystal letters on back . 

Thuono items are made in Italy with Heart and Passion ! 


For size :  Please check our sizing chart ( in resources ) or write us : age - height - chest -waist- hip , we will be happy to suggest your best size! 


Feel free to contact us for any information : 

by mail : info@thuono.com 

by phone or  WhatsApp : 0039 ( 0 ) 371 1823510 

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